EWI Now and Then

News | May 12, 2011

2010 was a year of firsts for EWI, from organizing the First Worldwide Cybersecurity Summit to facilitating the first visit of a Communist Party of China delegation to the United States.

In 2010, EWI held talks in Kabul to build trust between Afghan and Pakistani leaders, and hosted an international conference at the European Parliament to strengthen preventive action worldwide. To learn about that work and more, we invite you to read EWI’s 2010 Annual Report:

For EWI’s 30th anniversary, we are actively documenting the institute’s past, speaking with people who did crucial work with the institute from 2001 to 2010. These include Vazil Hudak, whose cross-border projects in the Balkans helped build trust after a decade of conflict, W. Pal Sidhu, who helped bring EWI’s WMD work to the UN, and Gail Manley, who has anchored the New York office as EWI’s longest-serving employee. To hear their stories and more, we invite you to read these short stories, which explore EWI’s work in the new millennium, one year at a time.