Expanding Conflict Prevention Networks in Southeast Asia

News | June 18, 2010

On June 8 and 9, 2010 the EastWest Institute partnered with the ASEAN Institute of Strategic and International Studies (ASEAN-ISIS) at the 24th Asia Pacific Roundtable (APR). The APR is a leading forum that engages government officials, leading policy think tanks and other experts in a dialogue on key conflict and security challenges in the region.

EWI held two special sessions during the APR. The first convened the heads of ASEAN think tanks and representatives from the ASEAN-ISIS. The second engaged policymakers, government officials and experts from across Asia and outlined steps necessary to develop a regional conflict-prevention agenda. The session looked at solutions ASEAN has to offer and how it tries to deal with the increasing number of trans-boundary challenges such as shared resources, mass migration, organized crime and human trafficking. The ASEAN way of dealing with these drivers of conflict and instability was also discussed.  

In partnering with ASEAN-ISIS, EWI has established firm connections and contacts in the Asia Pacific. EWI will use this network to help advance its global policy reach and influence in the region.  States such as Malaysia, the Philippines and Indonesia have already supported many important conflict prevention initiatives at the United Nations and in ASEAN over the past decade.  EWI’s engagement in the region aims to highlight their perspectives and help advance the broader conflict prevention debate.

Through this partnership with Southeast Asian countries, EWI has ensured high-level input and participation in its conference on preventive action scheduled for November 2010. The ASEAN contribution will help identify lessons of preventive diplomacy learned in Asia, and contribute to the development of a global action plan to be incorporated into the ASEAN conflict prevention agenda in years to come.