Global Commission Meeting in Japan

News | February 27, 2019

The Global Commission on the Stability of Cyberspace will meet on March 9-10 in Kobe, Japan, alongside the ICANN64 Community Forum. The Commission will be hosted by the Japanese Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, and will continue its work of 2019 by building on its recent meeting in January in Geneva.

The GCSC is focused on bringing in voices and expertise from the Internet governance, civil rights and technical communities to the traditionally state-led discussions on international peace and security. The meeting in Kobe offers GCSC members the opportunity to engage with the ICANN community, which lies at the foundation of Internet governance and multistakeholder cooperation.

The Commission will meet in closed sessions on March 9 and 10, where discussions will focus on developing a definition of “cyber stability” and underlying principles aimed at supporting international efforts to advance peace and security in cyberspace. The Commission will also continue its previous conversations on identifying a governance framework in which to embed norms and anchor stability in cyberspace.

On Sunday, March 10, the Commission will hold a public consultation meeting with the ICANN At-Large Advisory Committee from 15:15-16:15 in the Topaz Room of the Portopia Hotel. The GCSC will also participate in multiple sessions of the ICANN64 program and consult with various ICANN bodies and representatives.

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