Global Cooperation in Cyberspace Progress Roundtable - Palo Alto 2018

News | October 04, 2018

The EastWest Institute hosted its annual Global Cooperation in Cyberspace Progress Roundtable, at the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation in Palo Alto, California, on September 13-14, 2018.

This roundtable was the annual strategic review of EWI's cyberspace program. Approximately 50 leaders of EWI's cyber cooperation breakthrough groups and other key stakeholders met in person to present the groups' recent work, discuss progress made so far and examine next steps to refine our collective undertaking to stimulate responsible global action in cyberspace.

The roundtable reviewed ongoing work on promoting norms of responsible behavior in cyberspace, increasing access to more secure ICT products and services, the effects of AI and machine learning on strategic stability, understanding and insuring systemic cyber risk, addressing security and safety in IoT-connected cities, and balancing freedom of expression with the need to combat the proliferation of fake news and terrorist content on the Internet. The event also included an in-depth workshop which probed the cybersecurity effects of protectionist government actions to curtail the use of foreign ICT products and services in the name of national security.

Additionally, updates were presented on EWI's continued support of the Global Commission on the Stability of Cyberspace, which is seeking to develop proposals for norms and policies to enhance international security and guide responsible state and non-state behavior in cyberspace. There were also focused presentations on American cybersecurity policy in the current administration as well as the NSTAC Cybersecurity Moonshot Study.

The Global Cooperation in Cyberspace Progress Roundtable is organized with support from, among others, Microsoft, Huawei Technologies, Unisys, Qihoo 360, NXP Semiconductors, CenturyLink, JPMorgan Chase and The Hague Centre for Strategic Studies.