Hassan Talks Iraq's New Prime Minister with Al-Monitor

Media Coverage | February 18, 2020

Speaking with Al-Monitor in an article published on February 10, EWI's Vice President for the Middle East and North Africa program Kawa Hassan shared his opinion on whether Iraq's newly appointed prime minister-designate, Mohammed Tawfiq Allawi, will be able to form a new government under intense political pressure. 

Hassan believes that "Allawi will be in a quagmire...If he decides to get the support of all the major blocs he would have to yield to their terms.” He goes on to say “this would take us back to the quotas system, which is the main problem plaguing the current political system.” 

“There is a large possibility that Allawi fails to form a government. His situation is fragile, especially in light of the continuing attacks on the protesters.”

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