Ischinger on Kissinger: A Review of World Order

Media Coverage | March 03, 2015

EWI Board Member and German Ambassador Wolfgang Ischinger reviews Henry Kissinger’s “tremendously valuable” World Order for the March/April issue of Foreign Affairs.

“To call World Order timely would be an understatement,” Ischinger begins, “for if there was one thing the world yearned for in 2014, it was order.” Given the many novel problems of our world today, Ischinger praises Kissinger’s ability to view them in a way that only he can - one that both stretches far back into history and understands the world’s great diversity. At the same time, Ischinger furthers the debate in contending Kissinger’s beliefs on developing issues such as the “responsibility to protect” doctrine and the internet’s effect on global affairs.

Appreciating the complexity of Kissinger’s arguments as well as the issues they examine, Ischinger ends by stating that “Kissinger’s book is a gift to all of those who care about global order and seek to stave off conflict in the twenty-first century.”

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