Japan’s China Deals Are Pure Pragmatism

Media Coverage | July 06, 2018

In an article for Foreign Policy, EWI Senior Fellow Jonathan Berkshire Miller delves into the China-Japan relatonship in light of Trump administration statements and policies in East Asia.

Several analysts have recently argued that unpredictable and blunt foreign-policy moves by the United States under President Donald Trump have prompted Japan — America’s most important East Asian ally — to move toward China. An article in the Wall Street Journal was headlined “Trump Trade Fight Brings Japan and China Together,” dubbing them “strange bedfellows.” Others have used the uncertainty caused by Trump as the background to a thaw between the two East Asian rivals.

Yet while there’s some truth to these arguments, Tokyo isn’t about to ditch Washington for Beijing anytime soon. Japan’s policy toward China is becoming more pragmatic in the face of growing Chinese power and a more uncertain U.S. role, but the last thing it wants is to see the United States disappear from East Asia.

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Image: "China and Japan 1939" (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0) by Erik Daugaard Photography - Copenhagen