Kawa Hassan Gets Kurd Connection

Media Coverage | March 01, 2016

Kawa Hassan, EWI's director of the Middle East and North Africa Program, speaks in a TV interview about combating terrorist group ISIS and on the prospect of Kurdish independence. Hassan appears on KURD CONNECTION -- a joint program between the Kurdish service at Voice of America and the independent Kurdish Satellite TV Channel NRT.

In the interview, held on January 15, 2016 in Washington DC, Hassan discussed the latest developments on ISIS and the Kurds in Iraq. Speaking in Kurdish, here are some of Hassan's comments:

  • Indeed ISIS has been weakened in both Iraq and Syria, but far from defeated. The world is dealing with an ideological, barbaric and highly efficient terrorist organization. 
  • Unless the root causes that gave rise to ISIS are addressed, a defeat of ISIS will not herald a new era of global security. It will be a victory with the taste of defeat. This means Post-ISIS phase will not be that much different from ISIS era. Therefore, the international community must address the political, economic and social grievances, radical religious doctrines and horrible human rights violations committed by both 'secular' and religious regimes in the MENA region.     
  • Kurdish independence from Iraq is a tough task. Kurdish ruling elites in Iraqi Kurdistan should address this issue through an inclusive process. No single Kurdish political party and leader can achieve independence alone. Kurdish ruling elites, especially Kurdistan Democratic Party and its leader Barzani should treat the struggle for independence as a national and non-partisan issue rather than as a personal and partisan project. 

Hassan, who leads track two initiatives on countering violent extremism for EWI, was in Washington DC to attend the launch of The Task Force on the Future of Iraq. This high-level task force aims to provide specific recommendations to the incoming American administration's transition team in late November 2016. 

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Click here to watch the full interview with KURD CONNECTION.