The Loud and Clear Message From Munich

Media Coverage | February 28, 2019

The Munich Security Conference, a major meeting of global leaders and experts that takes place every February, historically serves as a bellwether of today's trans-Atlantic mood as well as an indicator of which big topics worry European and U.S. policymakers the most. As in 2017, the wide range of represented heads of state, foreign ministers, journalists and experts on hand at this year's conference overwhelmingly focused their attention on the widening rift between Europe and the United States.

Most observers noted that there was more friction at this meeting than in previous years. The conference has traditionally been a gathering of convinced Atlanticists—people such as the late U.S. Senator John McCain—who expressed blunt opinions, but at the end of the day reaffirmed the need for the United States and Europe to work together, not only for common interests but for common values.

That era is clearly over.

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