Mandatory Timelines for Federal Appointments

Media Coverage | November 27, 2017

Dr. William J. Parker III, COO of the EastWest Institute, and Charles L. Cashin III write in The Hill about the urgency of further streamlining the process of filling key federal appointments. 

Hundreds of senior leadership positions in the federal government are currently vacant. This issue has plagued Democrat and Republican administrations alike. This matter is not about what political party controls the White House, Senate or House of Representatives; it is about process.

The United States faces a host of significant issues at home and abroad. Staffing the government with competent and capable Americans will contribute to the resolution of these problems. Instituting mandatory timelines for federal nominations and confirmations could be an important step forward in addressing vacancies in critical positions.

We recommend Congress change the law to mandate timelines for federal nominations.

Read the full commentary on The Hill.

Photo: Wikimedia