Munter on China: "A New Tone"

Media Coverage | October 20, 2017

EastWest Institute CEO and President Cameron Munter spoke with i24 News on Wednesday about the implications of Chinese President Xi Jinpang's presidential address at the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China. Munter discussed the new President's tone and message during his three hour speech. The CEO noted the President's new "tone of confidence," a marked difference from the speech given at the last Congressional meeting, in 2012.

Xi's decision to focus on furthering state-run companies and other forms of traditional economy shocked analysts who expected a move to reformation, said Munter. Xi's new leadership choices will also affect the way he is allowed to run the nation, and is what will determine the "leeway he has with negotiating with people like President Trump." 

On the Chinese relationship with the United States, Munter responded to a question about the U.S. reaction to Xi's speech by undscoring the importance of the "two way street": it's not simply the Chinese relationship to the United States, but also how the United States handles the new administration. Their relationship will largely be defined by their ability to negotiate on issues including Korea and the South China Sea. 

Watch the entire interview here