Munter Talks Diplomacy with KVCR

Media Coverage | March 09, 2018

Ambassador Cameron Munter spoke with Benjamin Purper of KVCR — a locally-owned and operated public television and radio station in the Inland Empire and Southern California — to talk about 21st century diplomacy, current U.S. foreign policies and the work of the EastWest Institute.

“We are in the diplomacy world, not the foreign policy world, at the EastWest institute. We're not telling people how to solve a particular problem. We're pulling them together and trying to figure out how they can do it themselves,” he was quoted as saying.

KVCR is an affiliate of the National Punblic Radio (NPR).

Listen to the interview here.


Photo: "White House" (CC BY-SA 2.0) by ThatMattWade