Nagorski Receives Lech Walesa Media Award

News | February 04, 2014

On February 1, 2014, the American Institute of Polish Culture in Miami held its 42nd International Polonaise Ball. The guest of honor was Poland’s former President and Solidarity leader Lech Walesa, who presented the “Lech Walesa Media Award” to EWI’s Andrew Nagorski. 

A former Newsweek Warsaw bureau chief who reported extensively from Poland during the rise and triumph of Solidarity, Nagorski was commended “for dedication to the cause of freedom and writing about Poland’s history and culture.”

Walesa told the 380 guests that Solidarity’s victory was greatly helped by the way correspondents like Nagorski were able to report the news from Poland during that tension-filled era. “We needed more journalists who could analyze the events and who understood Poland’s position in the world, who understood the historical context,” he said. This is a role that journalists should play more often, he added. 

Accepting the award, Nagorski declared: “What an honor it is to get this award from a man whose name is synonymous with Poland’s successful struggle for freedom, a man who is central to any narrative not just about Poland but about the collapse of communism throughout what we used to call the Soviet bloc.”

Nagorski pointed out that all young journalists dream about covering historic figures and historic events sometime during their careers. “Thanks to Lech Walesa and Solidarity, I can count myself among the lucky few who were able to do so,” he said.

Event Photos: 

Andrew Nagorski and President Lech Walesa

President Lech Walesa, Andrew Nagorski and Lady Blanka Rosenstiel  



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