Media Coverage | April 02, 2013

SC Magazine Quotes Firestein on Chinese IT Regulations

In an article on Chinese IT regulations, SC Magazine featured comments by David Firestein, EWI vice president for strategic trust-building and Track 2 diplomacy.

The article covered the negative reaction among Chinese officials to a new bill that requires a strict approval process for American governmental purchases of Chinese software. 

This requirement, an element of the Consolidated and Further Continuing Appropriations Act of 2013, follows a recent uproar over reports of alleged Chinese cyber attacks on American computer systems. Chinese officials have expressed opposition to the change, calling it a "discriminatory" action.

Firestein explained that “it's no surprise that this rule has generated a lot of attention in China, but one shouldn't overstate what the law seeks to do," continuing "it puts in a quality control premise. It doesn't seek to ban, but to [implement] a vetting mechanism.”

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