SC Magazine Quotes Firestein on Chinese IT Regulations

Media Coverage | April 02, 2013

In an article on Chinese IT regulations, SC Magazine featured comments by David Firestein, EWI vice president for strategic trust-building and Track 2 diplomacy.

The article covered the negative reaction among Chinese officials to a new bill that requires a strict approval process for American governmental purchases of Chinese software. 

This requirement, an element of the Consolidated and Further Continuing Appropriations Act of 2013, follows a recent uproar over reports of alleged Chinese cyber attacks on American computer systems. Chinese officials have expressed opposition to the change, calling it a "discriminatory" action.

Firestein explained that “it's no surprise that this rule has generated a lot of attention in China, but one shouldn't overstate what the law seeks to do," continuing "it puts in a quality control premise. It doesn't seek to ban, but to [implement] a vetting mechanism.”

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