'Twitter Diplomacy' Won't Resolve the North Korean Crisis

Media Coverage | August 18, 2017

In an interview with Voice of AmericaEWI CEO and President Cameron Munter gave his thoughts on how the United States government should approach the recent escalations in the North Korean crisis. Munter contended that before any kind of diplomatic effort could be negotiated, the Trump administration would first have to shift from its currently aggresive public diplomacy to a more subdued, behind the scenes quiet diplomacy. This would allow Washington the time to better understand not just North Korea's intentions, but the intentions of the conflict's other major players, China and South Korea. 

Ultimately, Munter said that if a solution to the conflict does exist, it won't neccessarily be 100% ideal for any of the parties involved. Be that as it may, even if an ideal agreement might not be possible, any agreement would be better than dangerously floating ever-closer to nuclear war. As such, it is crucial that the powers involve meet, negotiate, and agree—at the bare minimum—to the least common denominator of their policy goals. Given the precarious trajectory of events, hasty public denunciations by the U.S. president might ultimately not be in anyone's best interests.

Listen to the full interview at Voice of America here