William J. Parker III Examines Threats to International Security on David Webb Show

Media Coverage | October 24, 2016

On October 11, Dr. William J. Parker III, the East West Institute's Chief Operating Officer, appeared on the David Webb Show to discuss the various threats faced by the United States and its regional allies.

"There are a lot of countries and a lot of smaller groups right now that seem to be emboldened. They see perhaps a lack of response or a slow response in some cases and so they become emboldened and feel they can take additional actions that they would not have taken before," said Dr. Parker. 

While discussing common threats such as terrorism, hostile countries and weapons of mass destruction, Dr. Parker argued that the number one threat remained the national and global debt which directly impacts stability and confidence as well as fosters disruption and instability.

He also commented on what he perceives as the critical tactical threat — cybersecurity, owing to the fact that its impacts remain relatively unknown on infrastructure and the economy.

Dr. Parker previously appeared on the show earlier this year to analyze a series of new U.S. sanctions against North Korea following reports of nuclear tests. His comments are available here.