Women in the Arab World

Commentary | August 02, 2012

In an interview published in Jordan's Living Well magazine, EWI board member Haifa Al-Kaylani, Founder and Chairman of the Arab International Women's Forum, discussed the many challenges facing women in today's Arab world.

What inspired you to establish the Arab International Women’s Forum (AIWF)?

While living in London, I found that there was a lot of stereotyping of Arab women. And, so, after becoming the president of the Federation of International Women’s Associations in London, I began inviting Arab women leaders to speak. Eventually, I fully realized the richness of the women that we have in the Arab region and how more of them needed to appear on an international scale. So, with a few of the Arab women that came to London and with some others whom I was currently working with, we decided to start a non-profit, non-governmental, non-political organization based in London that links Arab women both with each other and with the international community. We believed in two things when we established the forum: One, there is no economic and social development without women playing a role. Two, we are living in a world without borders, and the Arab world is a part of that global community.

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