A Discussion with Suzanne DiMaggio: North Korea and Lessons from Iran
Multimedia | November 13, 2017

Heightened tensions in the Korean Peninsula have shown the ever urgent need for a sustainable solution to prevent a military conflict. In this podcast, EWI seeks to provide a comprehensive understanding of the on-the-ground situation, back-channel diplomacy efforts and challenges as well as lessons from past negotiations that brought about the landmark nuclear deal with Iran.

Ambassador Cameron Munter, CEO & President of EWI, is joined by Suzanne DiMaggio, director and fellow at the New York-based New America. DiMaggio directs the organization's U.S.-Iran Initiative and their U.S.-North Korea Dialogue. As part of that process, she facilitated the first official discussions between the U.S. and North Korea governments in Oslo in May 2017.

Photo credit: © AFP 2017/ KIM JAE-HWAN

Host: Cameron Munter
Producer: Conrad Jarzebowski
Editor: Alex Schulman
Creative Development: Dragan Stojanovski