Eric Gomez and Caroline Dorminey: America’s Nuclear Crossroads
Multimedia | January 14, 2020

Cato Institute's Eric Gomez and Caroline Dorminey join EWI Senior Fellow Franz-Stefan Gady to discuss policy challenges confronting U.S. policymakers in the areas of nuclear deterrence and arms control.    

Eric Gomez is a policy analyst for defense and foreign policy studies at Cato, where his research focuses on U.S. military strategy in East Asia; missile defense systems and their impact on strategic stability; and nuclear deterrence issues in East Asia. 

Caroline Dorminey is the policy director at Women’s Action for New Directions and handles a portfolio of nuclear policy, arms control and defense politics issues; before joining WAND, she spent two years at the Cato Institute as a policy analyst.

Gomez and Dorminey are the co-editors of America’s Nuclear Crossroads: A Forward-Looking Anthology. Released earlier this year, the anthology examines a wide variety of pressing issues in nuclear deterrence and arms control confronting U.S. policymakers at the dawn of a new era of great power competition.

Image credit: dzika_mrowka / Getty Images

Host: Franz-Stefan Gady
Producer: Conrad Jarzebowski
Editor: Alex Schulman
Creative Development: Dragan Stojanovski