Kim Campbell
Kim Campbell
Former Board Member

The Right Honourable Kim Campbell is the 19th prime minister of Canada, and the first female to ever hold this position. 

Campbell has spent much of her life breaking barriers for women. Currently she spends her time working on and speaking about issues such as democratic governance, leadership, non-proliferation, and the advancement of women. She is a member and chair emerita of the Council of Women World Leaders (1999-2003). The Council’s membership consists of women who hold or have held the office of President or Prime Minister. Campbell is a member of the International Women's Forum, a global organization of women of significant and diverse achievement. She served as its president (2003-2005) and was inducted into the IWF Hall of Fame in 2008.

Campbell served as Canadian Consul General in Los Angeles (1996-2000) and taught at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government (2001-2004), and is past Chair of the Council of Women World Leaders. She was Secretary General of the Club of Madrid (2004-2006), an organization of former presidents and prime ministers, of which she is a founding member. 

Today, Kim Campbell devotes the majority of her time to serving as the founding principal of the new Peter Lougheed Leadership College at the University of Alberta. She also chairs the steering committee for the World Movement for Democracy and serves on the boards and advisory committees of a number of international organizations including the Arab Democracy Foundation, Forum of Federations, and the International Center for the Study of Radicalization. 

The 3rd Print Edition of her best-selling political memoir Time and Chance was released in May of 2008 by the University of Alberta Bookstore with an updated epilogue.

Throughout her political career in Canada, Kim Campbell was deeply engaged in international issues including law reform and criminal justice, international trade (her signature appears on the NAFTA side agreements) and security (both as Minister of Defence and Prime Minister; as Justice Minister she served on the War Cabinet during the First Gulf War.) Since leaving politics Campbell continues to be involved in global issues where she works with many world leaders and former heads of state and government, and her views are sought in many international fora.

Kim Campbell has a B.A in Political Science (with Honors), and a Bachelor of Laws from the University of British Columbia, She is also an honorary fellow of the London School of Economics, and holds nine honorary doctorates.