Paul Richards
Senior Fellow

Paul Richards is a lecturer and former aerospace company president who consults for organizations and professionals on the influence of human attention and perception on performance excellence, creativity, systems design and planning, conflict and conflict avoidance, and ethical use of power in the face of complex challenges. As a contractor for NASA, JPL, Lockheed, Lucasfilm, Westinghouse, and the US Government, he directed production of electronic system components for manned space, airlines, medical scanners, and military flight and radar systems, and contributed to the Space Shuttle program, the Supercollider, the Star Wars program, the Keck Telescope, and many other advanced technical projects. 
His consulting practice combines this experience with forty-six years of traditional martial arts training.  
Paul graduated from the University of California, San Diego, with a Special Projects Degree in Communications, integrating studies in business, communication science, and technology. Working with Sybil Stockdale, the wife of ranking P.O.W. James Stockdale, and with Senator John Tunney, he founded the non-profit, Concern for P.O.W.’s, Inc., during the Vietnam War.  This group’s efforts were instrumental in bringing about neutral Red Cross inspections of camps, identifying prisoners, improving medical care and communication, and publicizing the plight of American P.O.W.’s.