Ben Banerjee
Ben Banerjee
Board of Councilors

Ben Banerjee is the co-founder and Managing Partner at Birch Caring Families AG, having previously served as the Board member of other Financial institutions.

Since 1997 Mr. Ben Banerjee has founded and co-founded pan-European ventures in the areas of consulting, project financing and investments in the sectors of Sustainability, Impact Investments and humanitarian work. 

During his studies at Delft University, he had set up couple of international humanitarian organizations focusing on education and journalism. Recently, one of the projects he led together with a team of very prestigious people and institutions was advising the President and Parliament of a major country to solve their respective economic problems in which they are embroiled in. 

He has sharpened his banking knowledge and advisory skills by working firstly as a Politician and Entrepreneur and later at major international banks and at the Big Four consulting companies. As a board member, his primary responsibility has been business development and the expansion of financial and trading capacities. His expertise lies in joining the dots to solve complex business, trading and financial issues for his clients. He studies random events, finds the “red line” in them and extrapolates this into predictions. He has written few articles on Financial and Economic strategies and has successfully predicted the flow of few international events. 

He is alumnus of Delft University and Groningen University in the Netherlands. A Dutch national of Indian ethnicity, Mr. Banerjee is at home in Europe and Asia. Next to Dutch and English, he is fluent in Indian languages such as Hindi and Bengali.