Cindy Mercer
Cindy Mercer
Advisory Group Member

As a strategist and philanthropist deeply committed to alliance building, Ms. Mercer has managed private foundations and served as an advisor and board member to a variety of public charities since 1992. A passion for collaborative and innovative philanthropy led her to serve the board of The Philanthropy Workshop West. Hewlett, TOSA, and Rockefeller Foundations launched TPW as an unprecedented executive leadership program for individual donors and families working together to create lasting positive social impact.

With EWI board member Addison Fischer, Ms. Mercer co-founded Planet Heritage Foundation (PHF), which focuses on building and supporting highly leveraged collaborations in its areas of focus; energy security, marine and biodiversity conservation. With Oak Foundation, Waitt Foundation, and Marisla Foundation, PHF recently launched Oceans Five; a global marine Funder's Collaborative, dedicated to conservation of the world’s five oceans.  PHF has also supported NGOs such as the Electrification Coalition – a national alliance committed to promoting electric vehicles on a mass scale; Wild Aid/WWF tiger preservation campaign with Leonardo DiCaprio and Jackie Chan; the Mission Blue Voyage to fulfill Dr Sylvia Earle's TED Wish, whereby 100 influential leaders gathered for a week seeking solutions to restoring the health of our oceans.
Ms. Mercer holds a JD from Stetson University College of Law and a BA from Emory University.