Dr. Mark Meirowitz 
Senior Fellow

Dr. Mark Meirowitz is a Professor of Humanities at SUNY Maritime College in New York. He is an expert in Turkish Foreign Policy and U.S.-Turkish relations. Dr. Meirowitz has lectured and written extensively on these subjects. He frequently appears in the U.S. and Turkish media to analyze these issues, as well as issues related to American Foreign Policy.

Dr. Meirowitz is writing a book on Turkish Foreign Policy for The Fort Schuyler Press. He has been a panelist and moderator at numerous academic conferences and panels, including the Turkey Focus Group of the National Defense University/Institute of National Security Studies, and at the annual conferences of the Transatlantic Studies Association. He organized the international conference at SUNY Maritime College to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Gallipoli/Canakkale Campaign. Previously, he completed the SUNY Levin Fellowship during which he taught English conversation to Turkish Faculty while in residence at Istanbul Technical University.

Dr. Meirowltz teaches a wide variety of courses at SUNY Maritime College, including American Foreign Policy, American History and Constitutional Law. He is also a lawyer.