Maja Piscevic
Senior Fellow, Balkans Program

Maja Piscevic is a senior professional with over 25 years of experience as distinguished business leader and communications specialist. She has a proven track-record in strengthening, promoting and positioning organizations, including USAID, American Chamber of Commerce and Serbian Association of Managers, as leading entities in their respective fields. Throughout her career, she managed a comprehensive outreach program, strategic communications and media relations to advance the organization's mission and goals. As the founder of the “SUMMIT 100 Business Leaders of Southeast Europe” initiative, she is renowned across the region of Southeast Europe for her passion for building trust among often opposed stakeholders, business and political leaders in a difficult post-conflict environment, enabling an open and productive dialogue in complex circumstances, often for the first time. 

Among other awards, Mrs. Piscevic has received two Meritorious Honor Awards from State Department, “Woman of the Year in Serbia” award, “Leader of Business Environment in Serbia for 2015”, and most recently “The Best Manager in Southeast and Central Europe” award.

Mrs. Piscevic regularly writes op-eds and delivers presentations on women empowerment and public-private dialogue. She holds a Law Degree and Arts Degree from the University of Belgrade. In 2012, Mrs. Piscevic graduated from Stanford University, “Development, Democracy and Rule of Law Program” chaired by Professor Frances Fukuyama.