Mark Joseph Bild
Mark Joseph Bild
Board Member

Joseph Bild is the managing partner of BAI Corporation (Bild Alternative Investment Corporation), a purpose-driven, earth-friendly private equity fund with interests in North America and China.

BAI Corporation’s portfolio focuses on opportunities that not only create value for its investors but also create impact, build communities and bridge gaps. Bild and his partners have a passion for bridging the China-North America gap through collaborative partnerships in business and cultural exchanges.

While living in Beijing, he pursued a master’s degree in economics from the University of International Business and Economics and held various positions at NGOs and multinational corporations. Since the BAI Corporation fund opened in January 2012, he has relocated to the United States and travels to Canada and China monthly to support and develop stronger business and cultural relations between the countries. Since August 2013, he has served as a policy advisor for Asia to Senator Victor Oh of the Canadian Parliament and frequently supports and participates in economic and cultural exchanges. He was elected to the Carter Center‘s Board of Councilors in July 2015 because of his support in U.S.-China diplomatic and trade relations.