Najam Abbas
Najam Abbas
Senior Fellow

Dr. Najam Abbas is a Senior Fellow focusing on Central and South Asia. He analyzes security issues in South Asia as well as human development in Central Asia.

Beginning with taking a Russian language course in 1993 till planning continuing education courses in 2002, nine years of constant stay in Central Asia (1993-2002) for education and work helped Dr. Najam Abbas learn about that complex region from within. In 1998, he completed his PhD from Tajik National University, based on his post-graduate research on Kazakhstan’s Post-Independence Press at the Kazakh State University in Almaty (1994-97).

Between 1998 and 2002, Dr. Abbas has been involved with international initiatives to bring increased human development capacity building opportunities to mountainous Central Asian settings as well as in projects aimed at improving of teaching humanities in the region’s higher education institutions.

Dr. Abbas was part of the Crisis and Conflict Analysis Team at the Institute for Strategic Studies, Islamabad analyzing both the early roots and later implications of the Afghan crisis (1986 to 1991).

Dr. Abbas is fluent in Russian, and is conversant in Arabic and basic Tajik language. He appears regularly on BBC’s South and Central Asian services as well as on Aljazeera Arabic and English news channels.