South Asia

Our Mission

As one of the fastest growing and dynamic regions, South Asia accounts for nearly one quarter of the world population and an increasingly greater share of the global economy. Yet owing to internal conflicts, territorial disputes and a history of deeply-rooted mistrust, the various regional stakeholders continue to struggle in collectively anticipating shared challenges and tapping into the myriad opportunities for growth and development.

The EastWest Institute’s South Asia program aims to advance knowledge and understanding of the region’s underlying issues in order to generate sustained support towards greater regional and interregional cooperation. To this end, the program brings together the most prominent and influential voices in South Asia to:

  • Establish multi-stakeholder platforms for shared economic, financial and geopolitical interests by bringing together media influencers, thought leaders, and business experts from within the U.S. and South Asia
  • Pinpoint emerging shared security threats of overlapping interest and charting paths forward along avenues of cooperation, including joint action on issues stemming from water insecurity and climate change
  • Cultivate channels of cultural diplomacy and people-to-people exchange as a tool for anticipating and preventing the escalation of conflicts and promoting stronger regional ties
  • Reinfuse rationality and keen diplomatic insight into the relationship between the U.S. and South Asian member states, encouraging the reaffirmation of continued partnership on regional and global challenges
  • Examine interregional connectivity, including the impact of China's Belt and Road Initiative, the rising Indo-Pacific Initiative and overall opportunities for integration, connectivity and stability.