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Current Supporters

The generous contributions of our supporters allow us to maintain our signature independence and impartiality.

Board of Councilors

The Board of Councilors is a non-fiduciary body, where members lend both their intellectual and financial capital to make the world a safer and better place.

Legacy Circle

Giving by bequest costs nothing now, yet you gain a great deal of satisfaction knowing that your future gift will live on.

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Over our 40-year history, EWI has gathered leaders and experts from around the world dedicated to preventing conflicts. Help support our continued efforts to address today’s major political, economic and security issues.

Make a Difference

EWI’s unique programs and activities strive to make a difference on issues that are fundamental around the globe:

Our Global Cooperation in Cyberspace program brings together policymakers, business leaders, technical experts and civil society, providing a crucial forum to foster international cooperation in cyberspace.

Our Middle East and North Africa program encourages conflicting parties to combat the rise of ISIS, identify key drivers for the reduction of violent extremism, and best manage the ongoing refugee crisis.

Our East Asia program creates opportunities for China, Japan and Southeast Asia to work together, building trust by fostering greater understanding among political, military and academic leaders across the region.

Our Russia program strives to broaden the scope of cooperation between the two former Cold War rivals in areas such as counterterrorism, narcotrafficking and cybersecurity.