Collaborative action is needed more than ever to address growing global cybersecurity challenges. Renewed interest in global ICT supply chain security and cyber resilience emphasize the need for holistic approaches that address cybersecurity end-to-end, rather than settle for fragmented solutions. Despite numerous efforts at the international and national levels, current approaches remain largely disjointed. 

On October 8, the EastWest Institute will host a virtual panel convening thought leaders from global organizations—including the Charter of Trust, the Global Commission on the Stability of Cyberspace, the Global Forum on Cyber Expertise, the Cybersecurity Tech Accord and the Linux Foundation’s DBoM Consortium—to spearhead signature efforts to develop these holistic approaches. Ranging from cyber norms and international cybersecurity capacity-building efforts to technical standards and best practices, these organizations are working to improve cybersecurity everywhere by reducing security disparities between regions and establishing common ground for a safe, secure and transparent cyberspace.

Using their current work as a point of departure, the discussants will identify gaps and critical action needed for future cybersecurity cooperation. The discussion will note how they collaborate with the wider cybersecurity ecosystem and discuss opportunities for effectively engaging and leveraging tech firms, government agencies, academic institutions and civil society organizations. 


Chris Blask
Global Director Industrial Security, Unisys

Kaja Ciglic
Senior Director, Digital Diplomacy, Microsoft

Amb. Nathalie Jaarsma
Ambassador-at-Large, Security Policy & Cyber, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of the Netherlands  

Elina Noor
Director, Political-Security Affairs, Asia Society Policy Institute; former Commissioner of the Global Commission on the Stability of Cyberspace

Chris Painter
President, GFCE Foundation Board; former Coordinator for Cyber Issues for the U.S. State Department

Leo Simonovich
Vice President and Global Head, Industrial Cyber and Digital Security, Siemens


Bruce W. McConnell
President, EastWest Institute