EWI Hosts Virtual Panel on the Cybersecurity Cooperation Paradox

News | November 05, 2020

On October 8, the EastWest Institute’s (EWI) Global Cooperation in Cyberspace hosted a virtual panel on “The Cybersecurity Cooperation Paradox - And How to Overcome It.”

Moderated by EWI President Bruce McConnell, the panel invited experts from government, tech industry, academia and civil society to share their perspectives on growing global cybersecurity challenges and how to overcome obstacles to effective and rapid cooperation in cyberspace.

Speakers included Chris Blask, Global Director Industrial Security, Unisys; Kaja Ciglic, Senior Director, Digital Diplomacy, Microsoft; Amb. Nathalie Jaarsma, Ambassador-at-Large, Security Policy and Cyber, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of the Netherlands; Andreas Kuehn, Senior Program Associate, EastWest Institute; Elina Noor, Director, Political-Security Affairs, Asia Society Policy Institute; Chris Painter, President, GFCE Foundation Board; and Leo Simonovich, Vice President and Global Head, Industrial Cyber and Digital Security, Siemens.

Interventions by industry associations were made by Serge Droz, Chair, Forum of Incident Response and Security Teams (FIRST); and Michael Daniel, President and CEO, Cyber Threat Alliance.

Please find full coverage of the panel here.