Bruce McConnell Encourages Serious U.S.-Russia Engagement

Media Coverage | May 10, 2017

In this Christian Science Monitor story, EWI Global Vice President Bruce McConnell says he does not think there is a serious effort to improve U.S.-Russia relations at this moment.

“I just don’t think that there’s a serious effort to engage the Russians,” says McConnell, who manages the institute's cyberspace program and a former deputy under secretary for cybersecurity in former President Barack Obama-era Department of Homeland Security. “It’s really a question [if] you want to work on the relationship and improve it, or whether you want to remain in a standoff, which we’re in right now.”

The article laments about how the discussions about Russia's reported cyber interference in the 2016 presidential election have not been accompanied with efforts to resolve the core problem: how to prevent it in the future? The article lists a few avenues to achive that objective.

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