Bruce McConnell Explains Why Alaska's New Voting Systems Are Vulnerable to Fraud

Commentary | November 04, 2014

In an article in The Intercept, EWI Senior Vice President Bruce McConnell discusses why Alaska's new online voting systems are dangerous, and why Alaskan voters should be wary of voter fraud. 

McConnell argues that the Alaskan state officials, by disclaiming that voters are "assuming the risk that a faulty transmission may occur," are conceding that votes "may be counted correctly, incorrectly, or may not be counted at all." He continues: "That kind of disclaimer would be unacceptable if you saw it on the wall of a polling place.” 

McConnell also argues that "even if the actual votes cast were secure, someone could deluge the system with additional fake ballots, spoiling the election because nobody would be able to figure out which votes were genuine."


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