Chertoff, McConnell Discuss Nation-State Cyber Attacks with Bloomberg

Media Coverage | March 21, 2017

Bruce McConnell, EWI Global Vice President, and Michael Chertoff, member of EWI Board of Directors, discuss the increasing risk of nation-state cyber attacks with Bloomberg BNA

With an outstanding increase in nation-state cyber attacks worldwide, Michael Chertoff, former U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security, noted that it is "critical" to treat investments in the cybersecurity realm as one would treat investments in seperate departments.

Nation-state attacks on corporations in the private-sector have become a recent trend, however, an increasingly dangerous trend at that. Bruce McConnell, Global Vice President EWI, says that "even assuming the most benign motivations by all the parties in these various incidences, ungoverned state-on-state skirmishes in cyberspace increasingly undermine terrestrial security and stability." 

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