Commissioners to Participate in Israel’s Cyber Week in Tel Aviv

News | June 18, 2018

19 members of the Global Commission on the Stability of Cyberspace (GCSC) will meet during Israel’s Cyber Week in Tel Aviv from 17-21 June.

This informal, consultative meeting will build on the results of the last meeting in Bratislava, during which the Commission proposed a norm prohibiting cyber disruptions of technical infrastructure that supports elections. The Commissioners present in Tel Aviv will engage with key stakeholders on the Commission’s current and future work including norms on:

  • Barring the insertion of vulnerabilities into essential cyberspace products and services
  • Advocating for governments to actively consider disclosing software and hardware vulnerabilities to vendors
  • Further defining the elements of the public core of the Internet

In preparation for the upcoming meeting in Singapore, Commissioners will also explore norms related to private sector cybersecurity practices and the creation of a mechanism for further developing the international cyber security architecture.

Several Commissioners will also participate during the ongoing Cyber Week. Chair Marina Kaljurand will speak at the Cyber Leaders Forum and a fireside chat on norms of behavior in cyberspace, while Co-chair Latha Reddy will deliver a plenary speech on shaking up defense strategies. Jim Lewis will discuss the future of great power cyber conflicts. Alexander Klimburg will be speaking on a panel on emerging technologies in great power competition. Joseph Nye will speak at several sessions on topics including fake news, evolving norms in cyber conflict, and U.S.-China competition. Isaac Ben-Israel is one of the hosts of Israel’s Cyber Week and will moderate a number of sessions.

After Tel Aviv, the next full Commission meeting will take place on September 19-20 in Singapore in the margins of Singapore International Cyber Week.