Discussion on Cybersecurity and the Future at IVY

News | February 26, 2016

EWI Global Vice President Bruce W. McConnell was featured in a discussion about cybersecurity in foreign policy and technology at IVY, the self-proclaimed first Social University, in San Francisco on February 25, 2016.

McConnell, also a former U.S. Deputy Under Secretary for Cybersecurity, said the discussion got into several of the most pressing issues such as what constitutes an act of war in cyberspace, what are government and corporate roles and responsibilities, as well as the ongoing drama between Apple and the FBI.

"I found the participants candid, well-informed, curious and open-minded. Before, during, and after the main event, there were in depth discussions of this complex and important issue area. Finally, many people asked how they could get more involved in cybersecurity and the work of the EastWest Institute. A great evening," said McConnell of the event, part of the IVY Ideas Night series in San Francisco.

At EWI, McConnell is responsible for growing and leading the institute’s work to promote cooperation in cyberspace, expanding our traditional work on cybersecurity to include governance and development issues. He also leads EWI’s networking with private and public sectors around the world and relationships with those partners.

He recently wrote for EWI's new Policy Innovation Blog about how cyberspace is at the leading edge of global change.

Click here for more info about writing for the blog.

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