Dr. Saalman Speaks at 9th Beijing Xiangshan Forum in Beijing

News | November 25, 2019

EWI Senior Fellow, Dr. Lora Saalman [司乐如], spoke on the impact of artificial intelligence on nuclear risk at the 16th PIIC Beijing Seminar on International Security and the 9th Beijing Xiangshan Forum held between October 15-22, 2019.

Her Chinese-language remarks were based upon a recently released report that she edited on the The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Strategic Stability and Nuclear Risk, Volume II - East Asian Perspectives, which is part of a larger two-year project with the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute.

Chinese media coverage of her remarks and interviews during the events included the following:

Xiangshan Forum in Beijing Asks Whether Military AI Will Make War More Acceptable” – South China Morning Post

Improving Promotion of Lasting Peace and Universal Security in the Asia-Pacific Region” [更好促进亚太地区持久和平和普遍安全] – China Military Online [中国军网]

Lora Saalman: Hopes that China Can Provide Proposals for Global Governance in a Number of Fields” [司乐如:希望中国能够在多领域为全球治理提供方案] – China Military Network [中国军视网]

Xiangshan Forum: ‘Artificial Intelligence’ is Once Again Included in the Beijing Xiangshan Forum” [香山论坛:《人工智能》再次纳入北京香山论坛议题] – The Paper [澎湃新闻]

Perceptions of China Through a ‘Time Tunnel’” [在“时光隧道”中感知中国] – China Military Online [中国军网]

Chairman Xi’s Congratulatory Letter Sparked a Warm Response Among the Participants of the 9th Beijing Xiangshan Forum” [习主席贺信在第九届北京香山论坛与会人士中引发热烈反响] – PLA Daily [解放军报]