Dr. Saalman Tours India, Japan and Korea to Discuss AI and Nuclear Risk

News | March 24, 2020

EWI Senior Fellow, Dr. Lora Saalman, contributed a book chapter on “China and India: Two Models for AI Military Acquisition and Integration” for the Routledge Handbook of China–India Relations. The abstract and book are available here.

Dr. Saalman’s book chapter follows on the heels of her recent speaking tours in India, Japan and Korea, where she presented on the impact of AI on nuclear risk, as well as Chinese, Indian and U.S. approaches toward Lethal Autonomous Weapon Systems. 

During these visits, she spoke at the National Institute of Advanced Studies and the Takshashila Institution in Bengaluru, India; the Sejong Institute, the Korean Nuclear Policy Society, the Asia-Pacific Leadership Network for Nuclear Non-Proliferation and Disarmament, Korea National Defense University, Yonsei University, and Korea University in Seoul, South Korea; and the Hiroshima Prefectural Office, the National Security Secretariat, the Cabinet Office, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the National Institute for Defense Studies, the Japan Institute of International Affairs, the University of Tokyo, Asia University, Keio University, and Hosei University in Hiroshima and Tokyo, Japan.

Dr. Lora SAALMAN, EWI Senior Fellow and SIPRI Associate Senior Fellow, and Honorable YUZAKI Hidehiko, Governor of Hiroshima Prefecture

Roundtable with Professor MOON Chung-in, Special Advisor to President MOON Jae-in of South Korea and Co-Convener of the Asia-Pacific Leadership Network for Nuclear Non-Proliferation and Disarmament

Experts from the Korean Nuclear Policy Society, Sejong Institute, Korea National Defense University, Embassy of Sweden in Seoul, Seoul National University, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan, and SIPRI

Participants at the SIPRI report launch at the Swedish Residence in Seoul, South Korea