EastWest Institute at CyberCrimeCon

News | October 17, 2016

On October 13, Bruce McConnell, EWI's global vice president, and Vladimir Ivanov, director of EWI’s Moscow Centre, took part in CyberCrimeCon, in Moscow. This is an international public event organized by the company Group-IB devoted to addressing high-tech cyber attacks. The conference brought together approximately 1,000 business leaders, experts and law enforcement officials, including numerous national and international representatives.
McConnell, who heads up EWI’s Cooperation in Cyberspace Initiative, presented his views on a panel about human factors in cybersecurity. He emphasized protecting against internal threats to an organization or corporation, recommending vigilance in observing unusual electronic and personal behavior and activities in the workplace. As a general practice, he commented on the value of ensuring task diversity among staff and avoiding unnecessary access to data by employees. McConnell also reminded audiences about the “two-man rule”—a commonly adopted control mechanism to help enhance the security of critical materials or operations.

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