EWI Hosts Cyberspace Security and Global Security Panel

News | May 26, 2017

On May 16, the EastWest Institute co-hosted an event to discuss Cyberspace Security and Global Security with the Russian International Affairs Council as part of its annual Board Meeting. The event welcomed EWI board members, Western and Russian experts on cyberspace security, representatives of both business communities and members of EWI's broader network to discuss the work of the Global Cooperation in Cyberspace program and prospects for Russian-American cooperation in cyberspace.

The day's activities opened with the unveiling of a joint EWI-RIAC policy report containing suggestions for furthering Russia-U.S. cooperation on some of the most critical issues in cyberspace today.

Following this, a panel of distinguished Russians, Britons and Americans including John Frank of Microsoft, David Omand formerly of GCHQ, Ilya Sachkov of Group-IB and Pavel Sharikov of the Russian Academy of Sciences met to give their perspectives on cooperation in cyberspace between these two major cyber powers. This panel built on the ongoing work of the EastWest Institute's series of bilateral Russia-U.S. Track II dialogues on cyberspace cooperation. 

The event also contained a review of the Global Cooperation in Cyberspace program's recent work, including its recently concluded Global Cyberspace Cooperation Summit VII in Berkeley. This panel featured presentations from key stakeholders in EWI's 5 breakthrough groups to discuss their progress and solicit feedback on topics such as balancing encryption and lawful access to data, increasing security and safety in IoT-connected cities, understanding and insuring systemic cyber risk, promoting norms of responsible behavior in cyberspace and increasing access to more secure ICT products and services.