EWI Presents Economic and Cybersecurity Awards

News | October 17, 2011

On October 13, EastWest Institute recognized key international leaders for their impact in private–public efforts to ensure global economic security and cybersecurity.

The Russell 20-20 Association received the inaugural George F. Russell, Jr., Economic Security Award, IEEE received the EWI Cybersecurity Award, and The Water Initiative received the "Game Changer" Award.

"International security challenges are moving from military problems to economic dilemmas," EWI President and CEO John Edwin Mroz said. "With the United States and Europe weakened by the financial crisis, only private–public, East–West cooperation will fill the gap."

EWI presented the awards at its 2011 Recognition Dinner at the Embassy of the United Arab Emirates in Washington.

U.S. Senator Robert P. Casey, Jr., in a speech at the dinner, said international collaboration is more important than ever.

"Members of Congress of both parties could learn from this good work of East–West partnering for so many years," Casey said.

George F. Russell, Jr., appeared by video from Washington State to honor Russell 20-20, a group of investors who work in the developing world.

Russell said EWI's focus on bridging divides and economic security produce value for investors. "To me, from an investor perspective, the EWI topics are completely aligned with what we need," he said.

The evening's second award went not to an individual but to IEEE, an international association of engineers, who EWI's Co-Chairman of the Board Francis Finlay called "the unsung heroes of cyberspace."

IEEE's Communications Society has partnered with EWI to study critical issues in cybersecurity, including a landmark 2010 report, "Reliability of Global Undersea Communications Cable Infrastructure" (ROGUCCI).

EWI presented its "game changer" award to The Water Initiative, which develops and provides point-of-drinking water filtration equipment to developing country communities.

"We see water as a key component of our economic security work, and The Water Initiative has been a trail blazer in this area," EWI Board Co-Chairman Ross Perot, Jr., said.

Kevin McGovern, President of The Water Initiative, accepted the award. "Working with local communities, we create community-specific, integrated, platform technology solutions to bring clean drinking water as close to the community as possible," McGovern said.

The awards dinner took place as part of EWI's board meeting to close its 30th anniversary year.