EWI's Rauscher on Humans and Supply Chains in Cybersecurity

News | January 23, 2012

 The EastWest Institute's chief technology officer, Karl F. Rauscher, discussed the importance of supply chain management in cybersecurity in Inside Supply Management's January issue.

“Ten years ago, if there was an access or integrity issue in a supply organization’s computer network, the impact would be limited,” Rauscher said. “But the criticality and connectivity in today’s supply chains are absolutely staggering.”

The cover article, written by Mary Siegfield, reviews recent developments in computer system security and supply chain security.

Supply chains for digital technology are critical links in the chain of necessary measures to achieve the highest level of security. No amount of software engineering or best practices by users can overcome vulnerabilities built directly into the hardware.

“We have flung ourselves fully into a reliance upon this (technology), but too often do not have a ‘plan B,’” Rauscher said.