Firestein Previews Clinton, Trump Campaign Tactics

Media Coverage | May 24, 2016

David J. Firestein, EWI's Senior Vice President for the Strategic Trust-Building Initiative and Track 2 Diplomacy, speaks to Singapore's Channel News Asia on the potential battle between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump ahead of the U.S. presidential election in November.

In a news story that aired on May 12, Firestein discussed possible tactics that Clinton and Trump would employ against each other. Clinton and Trump have been largely projected as the presumptive candidates respectively for the Democratic and Republican parties.

Firestein said that Clinton would essentially use Trump's words against him. "Trump is on the record having said a lot of things that are deemed by many segments of the American population as being inappropriate or offensive," he said.

On the other hand, Trump would try to play out Clinton's negatives, said Firestein. "Clinton is a polarizing figure in American politics. There are many who like her, there are many who don't like her and there are very few people who have moderate feelings towards Hillary Clinton."

Click here to watch the full video (in Mandarin). Firestein's comments are in English.

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