Gady Discusses Sound Cyber Defense Strategies in Der Standard

News | May 20, 2013

An article in the Austrian Daily Der Standard quotes EWI Senior Fellow Franz-Stefan Gady arguing for strategic stability in cyberspace as well as an increased emphasize on resiliency in systems when it comes to developing sound strategies for cyber defense. On the subject of cyber defenses he makes an analogy between the theoretical debate that surrounded air warfare in the 1930s and the current nascent debate on cyber war.

Franz states, "What we need is strategic stability in cyberspace. Deterrence in cyberspace can only work if we know each other's full capabilities. The militaries have to put everything on the table. There needs to be a bigger emphasize on resiliency when it comes to cyber defense. As the Battle of Britain showed in 1940, a strategy based around resiliency is able to withstand and absorb even the severest of attacks."