Ikram Sehgal Discusses Pakistan's Future on CNN

Media Coverage | March 07, 2013

On March 3, EWI board member Ikram Sehgal, chairman of the Pathfinder Group, discussed Pakistan's future in an interview with CNN in Abu Dhabi.

Sehgal expressed cautious optimism on the future of the U.S.-Pakistan relationship, maintaining that "as long as Pakistan understands that the U.S. has got its own interests in this area...I think the US-Pakistan relationship is going to get better."

Looking at the coming election, Seghal held that "if there is a free and fair election, then Imran [Khan] definitely has chances of becoming a third large force."

Sehgal will host an event on the topic of Pakistan's political and economic future at the EastWest Instiute's New York City headquarters. Visit the Facebook event to learn more.