Ikram Sehgal Releases Memoir on POW Escape

News | July 16, 2012

EWI board member, defense analyst and columnist for The News International Ikram Sehgal has released a memoir detailing his experiences as a Pakistani POW held captive by India in 1971. The book, Escape from Oblivion:The Story of a Pakistani Prisoner of War in India (released through Oxford University Press), covers his 100 days of captivity, ending in a dramatic escape and long journey through Calcutta and home to West Pakistan.

“Interrogations, isolations, mental games, etc, those are all part of one's existence as a POW and we went through the whole gamut,” writes Sehgal in a column published last November on his escape.

A launch event was held on July 12, at the Pearl Continental Hotel in Lahore, Pakistan, and featured keynote remarks by Imran Khan, chairman of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf party, as well as comments from AR Siddiqi, a fellow columnist at The News International, and Muhammad Taj, who had been Sehgal’s commander at the time.

“What you went through, 99 days… I just cannot comprehend how anyone can spend that much time in captivity,” said Khan, who had himself spent eight days in jail following a 2007 protest.

Imran Khan's remarks on Ikram Seghal's "Escape from Oblivion"

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