Ikram Sehgal Releases New Book On Separation of East Pakistan

News | January 22, 2020

Ikram Sehgal—EWI board member, defense analyst and chairman of the Pathfinder Group—and Dr. Bettina Robotka have co-released a new book entitled Blood over Different Shades of Green—East Pakistan 1971: History Revisited (released through Oxford University Press). The book examines the events of 1971 that led to the dismemberment of Pakistan. 

Blood over Different Shades of Green—based on both published and unpublished memories of the activists of 1971—critically assesses the catastrophic developments leading to the separation of East Pakistan. Through the analysis, the authors uncover critical lessons learned that apply to today's Pakistan. 

"Ikram had a front row seat to this important moment in the history of South Asia and together with co-author, Dr. Robotka, he has provided a candid, honest and factual account of the events, factors and causes that led to the split," says EWI President and CEO Dr. William J. Parker. 

"This book, bringing together both military and civil perspectives, also provides thoughtful guidance for the present and future lessons that can be learned from history and how diplomatic mistakes can be avoided and military action can be contained." 

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