Ivanov Speaks on Cyber Initiative at Russian Academy of Sciences

News | June 21, 2017

Vladimir Ivanov, PhD, Director of the EastWest Institute's (EWI) Moscow office, presented a key report at a round table discussion “Current Security Issues in Information Space” hosted by the Institute of World Economy and International Relations of the Russian Academy of Sciences (IMEMO). The event took place on June 20 in Moscow.

Ivanov started his speech with adjusted remarks on the modern information space implications for global strategic stability. He also presented the background and current projects of the EWI Cyberspace Cooperation Program, underlining the innovative practices in a trust building process in which both government and business actors take an active part.

In addition, Ivanov introduced participants to the work of the newly launched Global Commission on the Stability of Cyber Space (GCSC), inviting the audience of about 25 Russian top-level political and information science experts to be involved in this initiative.

The EastWest Institute's call for broader and more diversified international cooperation on countering the realities of a growing systemic chaos and instability received a positive reaction.

Photos by: Anna Renard-Koktysh