Marina Kaljurand Talks Stability of Cyberspace at EWI Cyber Summit

Media Coverage | March 21, 2017

Marina Kaljurand, who chairs the Global Commission on the Stability of Cyberspace, talked in depth with San Francisco Chronicle about the need for regulating cyberattacks. She made the comments at EWI's 7th Global Cyberspace Cooperation Summit on March 14-16, 2017.

Revelations that Russian intelligence agents penetrated the computer systems of Yahoo three years ago is hardly news to someone like Marina Kaljurand.

As the Estonian ambassador to Russia in 2007, she contacted officials there after a cyberattack against her country, which Estonia blamed on Russia. The denial-of-service assault effectively shut down the websites of the former Soviet republic’s parliament, newspapers and banks by overwhelming the sites with Internet traffic rerouted from other servers.

As you can imagine, she didn’t get far.

“It was a one-sided conversation,” said Kaljurand, who’s attending a cybersecurity conference in Berkeley this week. “There was no response from Russia.”

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