McConnell Discusses Latest Ransomware Attack on NPR

Media Coverage | May 23, 2017

Speaking on NPR's "All Things Considered" program, EWI Global Vice President Bruce McConnell discusses the ramifications, causes and potential responses for the global ransomware attack on computer networks worldwide earlier this month. 

McConnell noted that federal agencies responded accordingly, having experienced and learned from a similar attack at the Office of Personnel Management two years prior where the data of 21 million people was stolen. "The federal government has several wake-up calls in the last few years, so the Obama administration put quite a bit of emphasis on getting things patched, getting things up to date and cleaning up unsupported operating systems." 

Despite having learned from past-experiences, McConnell said the global malware attack dubbed 'WannaCry' was "relatively unsophisticated," adding that "more sophisticated attacks will be harder to stop." 

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